Short on Room in Your Business? Rent a Storage Unit

Short on Room in Your Business? Rent a Storage Unit

Three Extra-Special Types Of Dock Levelers And Why You May Have A Need For Them

Dylan Robertson

Canadian shipping and receiving is a little bit different than it is in some other countries. Many shipments are either delivered by truck or by rail. When the train or truck stops at your dock, do you have the right dock levelers for the job? Here are three extra-special types of dock levelers and why you may have a need for them.

Rail Dock Leveler

If you receive shipments via one of Canada's railways, or you would like to start receiving shipments this way, you are going to need A) a warehouse that is very close to the train tracks and B) a rail dock leveler. Rail dock levelers expand to cover the gap between the warehouse's dock platform and the edge of each railcar you have to unload. Regardless of how well-designed and well-constructed your warehouse dock is, it still has to sit safely back from the tracks. Since it is nearly impossible for your rail dock crew to lift freight over the breach and onto the dock, you need a rail dock leveler to accomplish this task.

Air Dock Leveler

Canada's blackouts typically occur during the harshest winter days and nights, although they can occur at any time during the rest of the year. If you only have an electrically-powered dock leveler, then you may not be able to unload any trucks that make it to your docks during these times. Instead, invest in an air dock leveler, which can be moved and positioned with an air release mechanism. There is no manual cranking and no power requirements to worry about, and you can store it until you need it or just use it as a general purpose dock.

Heavy Duty, Multi-Movement Dock Levelers

If you frequently find that your company ships particularly heavy freight, you may need a dock leveler that can withstand the weight of these shipments without buckling or bending. In addition to managing several tons of weight, these heavy duty docks may have the ability to move in multiple directions to meet the lip of the truck and help your crew unload everything quickly and painlessly. Four-movement dock levelers slide and shift up, down, in and out. Six-movement dock levelers may also slide or shift from side to side, a useful feature if you are unloading freight from a flatbed and want to unload the truck sideways rather than from the rear of the truck.

For more information on what levelers would be best for your shipping needs, contact a company like Coltons Consulting & Maintenance Inc.


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Short on Room in Your Business? Rent a Storage Unit

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