Short on Room in Your Business? Rent a Storage Unit

Short on Room in Your Business? Rent a Storage Unit

Propane, The Fuel Of Tomorrow: An Introduction

Dylan Robertson

As global demand for natural gases increase, it's never been more important to understand the role that propane plays as an abundant, clean-burning petroleum gas. Below is a quick overview that explains what propane is, what its uses are, and the important role it plays in the future.

What is Propane and Where is it Found?

Propane exists in two forms—liquid and gas. Both of these forms are used abundantly throughout Canada, and use continues to grow as more is being produced and new technologies are being created. Propane is an odorless substance, but as it's highly flammable,  a strong odor is added to the fuel so it can be easily detected.

Propane is found in a mixture of petroleum chemicals and can only be in its purest form after being processed and refined. Propane is one of three liquid petroleum gases. The other two are butane and isobutane.

What are Common Uses of Propane?

Propane is used in a wide variety of ways, though the most common are for commercial, manufacturing, and transportation purposes. While propane exists in two forms, each form is used for different purposes. For example, the gas form of propane is used for heating and cooking purposes, while the liquid form is used for transportation.

Propane is transported in its liquid form, as it's more compact, and can be easily stored in cylinders and tanks until its use converts it to gas (such as the cylinders used for grilling). Its liquid form can cause severe harm when touched, as it only remains a liquid up to -42*C before it begins to boil and become a gas.

What Does the Future of Propane Look Like?

With an increase in crude oil production, the amount of propane produced can be expected to rise as well. This abundance of propane may very well lead to new technologies that utilize propane for its clean-burning benefits. Propane is already used as a fuel in taxicabs, school busses, and trucks. As the known benefits of using propane gas as opposed to gasoline continue to grow, an increase in vehicles able to use this fuel will be seen.

Canada is the 6th largest propane producer in the world, putting it on the map as a country invested in future petroleum gas resources. As new uses are found, demand will continue to grow. Now has never been a better time to investigate all of the benefits of propane and make it into the fuel of tomorrow. For more information, contact Apollo Propane Inc.


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