Short on Room in Your Business? Rent a Storage Unit

Short on Room in Your Business? Rent a Storage Unit

Stay Secure And Avoid Malfunctions - Testing Your Garage Door

Dylan Robertson

Whether you're a private home owner with a one car garage or a business owner who is taking care of a fleet, your garage door is the gateway to some of your most prized possessions. Though built to last a lifetime, your garage door will need occasional maintenance to be sure that it's performing all of its functions to its greatest ability.

Below is a guide to a few tests you can perform on your garage door in order to test its functionality. With these checks in mind, you can rest easily while knowing your home or business are secure, and your investment in your garage door was worth it.

Reversal Test

One of the most important safety features of your garage door, the reversal sensor and gear, should be monitored to be sure you don't risk injury to people or damage to property. Without a functioning reversal system, your door will continue downward with force that will be very hard to resist.

An easy way to test the reversal system on your door is to place a piece of wood on the door's threshold while it's open. Once the door is told to close, it should reverse long before it gets to the point of contacting the wood. If the door does not stop or, at a bare minimum, easily deflect from the wood, you should seek professional maintenance.

Balance Test

Equally as important as avoiding injury from your door is making sure it functions as smoothly as possible. Garage doors are built with an inherent center of balance that allows the door to easily be pulled through or pushed past a point of resistance when opening and closing.

To test your door's balance, you should disconnect your automatic door opener. Then, simply pull the door toward you while remaining out of the way of its fall. It should smoothly transition from opening to closing while still allowing you to feel a moderate amount of resistance.

Visual Inspections

Perhaps the simplest step in testing your garage door is also one of the most frequently neglected. Your door is only as secure as it is well maintained, and even damage that appears to be small can have serious consequences. Splitting weather seals may allow dangerous moisture in. Small dings or cracks in the door's surface can be exploited by a thief. You should be sure to thoroughly inspect the look of your door at least once a month to guarantee that any small issues don't reach their most serious potential.


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Short on Room in Your Business? Rent a Storage Unit

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