Short on Room in Your Business? Rent a Storage Unit

Short on Room in Your Business? Rent a Storage Unit

3 Ways You Save Money By Hiring Office Movers

Dylan Robertson

Moving your company's office is a big deal. Heavy machinery needs to be handled with care, small supplies need to stay organized, and employees have to make the necessary adjustments to keep their workflow going strong. While you might try to boost the bottom line by moving your office by yourself, there are hidden costs to that choice. In fact, it's a smarter financial move to hire expert office movers for a variety of reasons. Here are three major ones:

Less Chance of Injury

Moving bulky items presents unwanted opportunities for getting hurt. Bending and twisting can result in back or neck injuries. Carrying heavy objects can end up contributing to foot accidents after being dropped. Then, of course, there's the possibility of getting cut or pierced by sharp objects. While these injuries can vary in severity, all of them could make the company liable for workers compensation. In today's litigious environment, the risk of such situations is too high. Hiring movers shields you from these preventable mistakes.

Better Productivity

Imagine the lost opportunity cost caused by utilizing your employees for efforts that don't leverage their skills. Every moment that a worker is performing a task that isn't in their job description, the company is losing money. Your customer service and sales team should be contributing to revenue, and the longer they remain unfocused on their primary purpose, the more payroll you waste. By enlisting the help of an office moving company, you and your employees can waste less time and boost productivity.

Lower Risk of Damaged Equipment

Entire sales careers depend on office supplies. From heavy printers and fax machines, to desktop computers, to pens and paper, office equipment can get costly in no time. While your employees may use the printer for weekly reports, they aren't likely to know how to correctly move such a machine. When companies try to move themselves, they open up the possibility of damaged or completely broken equipment from drops, dings, and other mishaps. In addition to the initial cost of replacing such items, you lose a certain amount of capacity due to down time. 

It's natural for those in charge of coordinating an office move to want to save money. However, contrary to popular belief, you will save money by investing in professional movers. While there is an initial cost associated with a moving company, the added time, productivity, and safety more than warrants the use of expert office movers (such as those from Babbco Office Services Limited).


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Short on Room in Your Business? Rent a Storage Unit

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